5 Ways to Build a Winning Morning Routine for 2017

No doubt you have big plans for 2017. Whether you have fitness objectives, career aspirations, or personal goals, all planning can be improved by a strong morning routine. Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning wrote, “It’s been said that the first hour is the rudder of the day. If I’m lazy or haphazard in my actions during the first hour after I wake up, I tend to have a fairly lazy and unfocused day. But if I strive to make that first hour optimally productive, the rest of the day tends to follow suit.”

Start your day great with a solid morning routine.

Evaluate your evening routine.

 We have all heard Benjamin Franklin’s famous line, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” The night and morning are inexplicably linked. Turn off the TV, tablet, and phone early enough to allow your body to receive that signal that it’s time to sleep. Keep your room dark and your brain will get the message that it’s time to settle down. Once you are under the covers, take a few moments to visualize your healthy morning. Prime your emotions by thinking of what you are grateful for and what you are looking forward to in the coming day. This practice will give your attitude a boost when you first open your eyes. 

 Begin at the same time every single day.

Set your alarm for the same hour, even on the weekends. This is critical to setting your body clock. If you already practice this, you likely wake up minutes before your alarm. Your body knows when it’s time to awake, without the use of a loud, annoying beep. If you need to change your wake up time for weekends, some Friday mornings, and the occasional Tuesday after a Monday night football game, your brain will never get the message.   

 Make time to read, connect, and think.

 Brian Tracy, best-selling author of over a dozen books, tells us, “Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” And no habit produces results like daily time to think and learn. Do it everyday. Do it first. You will not regret it.

 Add a few push-ups.

Do you work out in the morning or in the afternoon? If you are a morning exerciser, you have this covered. But if you hit the gym at lunch or bike after work, it is still beneficial to do ten push-ups or jump rope in the morning to prime your body and brain for the day.

 Don't forget to moisturize.

Taking care of your skin is often overlooked by men. Moisturizing your face should be a part of everyone’s morning routine to keep your skin feeling healthy and refreshed. Proper skincare will also have an effect on your overall health and confidence, so invest in a good moisturizer. We recommend starting your day with Sage Mint Moisturizer for men.

 Kick off your day naturally.

Finally, reduce toxins in your day by controlling toxins in your morning routine.

Organic eggs.

Spinach smoothie.

And natural shave products like TENZING Premium Shave Cream.

You cannot control every minute of your day, but you can control the first hour of your day. You cannot prevent all toxins from entering your body but you are in control of your breakfast and your shaving routine. Take control of your morning and you are on your way to winning the day!