Founder Spotlight: Preston Hage

TENZING Skincare for Men was started by three friends who share a passion for excellence in everything that they do—including perfecting and refining men's skincare. But who are the faces—pun intended—behind the TENZING skincare brand? We want to introduce you to each of us on a personal level so that you can see what motivates and drives us as men, fathers and entrepreneurs. 

In our last founders' blog post on this series we put the spotlight on Dan Pettit. Now its time to learn more about Preston Hage!

What is your favorite movie quote?

“The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.”  -Captain Jack Sparrow 

What is a quality you admire in others? 


What is your lifelong dream?

I have always dreamed of building a successful business that would allow me to pay it forward and live generously and charitably.

What is the one thing you have always wanted to do?

In the future, I hope to learn another language.

What is your favorite TENZING Skincare product?

I use a variety of TENZING products daily, but the most essential one to me would have to be our Sage Mint Face Moisturizer. It smells great and it keeps my face silky smooth.

When formulating the first few TENZING products, what did you find to be the biggest challenge?

It was crucial to the three of us to make sure that we had the correct balance between the ingredients in order to make the perfect formula. For example, with our Shave Cream the lather needed to be “just right”—not too thick, but certainly not too thin. We also knew that our the scent couldn't be too overpowering, but still soothing to the senses. The three of us didn’t stop until we had it perfected.