Why All Guys Should Invest in a Good Moisturizer

Guys, you actually need moisturizer.

And we’re not talking about the flowery, scented stuff your wife or girlfriend uses. Or the cheap, store-brand stuff you bought because you caught a good BOGO deal. If you put a shoddy product on your face, imagine what you can expect long term.

Taking care of your skin is non-negotiable, and that goes for even the manliest among us. A good-quality moisturizer should be as much a part of your grooming regimen as shave cream, cologne and deodorant. If you still aren’t convinced, here are three reasons you should stock up.

Because Dry Skin = No Bueno

Weather has a huge impact on your skin. There’s less moisture in the air when it’s cold, which leads to dry, flaky skin that even the most outdoorsy guy can’t contend with. Heat isn’t good either, as the sun can pull moisture from unprotected areas of your skin. There are plenty of men’s lotions out there, but using a moisturizer with shea butter is a great way to restore your skin’s moisture balance. Shea butter protects your skin from UV rays, pollution and dehydration. It also stimulates collagen production, which makes fine lines and wrinkles less visible.

Another tip: don’t just moisturize your face. You also expose your ears, neck and chest every time you step outside, so apply moisturizer to those areas, too.

Because There’s No Fountain of Youth

Aging is inevitable, and with it comes certain skin imperfections. While these are all signs of every late night and youthful adventure you’ve experienced, there are things you can do to minimize the signs of aging. Men should use a textured moisturizer that lifts and firms, since their skin is usually more thick and coarse than women’s.                                                                                                                
Want healthy, younger-looking skin? Then stay away from moisturizers with dyes, sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens (preservatives often found in cosmetic products) that can dry and irritate your skin. Instead opt for moisturizers with aloe, which hydrate and tone the skin and fight early signs of aging.

Because Bar Soap Just Won’t Cut It

If you’re cleansing your face with the same stuff you use to wash your back, then you probably need a good moisturizer. Harsh soaps — and even the detergent you use to wash your clothes — can strip moisture from your skin. To combat this, use a moisturizer with ingredients that enhance cell renewal and antioxidant protection, like willow bark extract, grape seed and acai oils.

You don’t need a complicated skin care routine to have good-looking skin, but you do need to invest a little effort to get there, and that starts with choosing the right moisturizer. Trust us, your face will thank you for it.