See Why Kelly's Thoughts on Things Recommends TENZING

Photo Curtesy of Kelly's Thoughts on Things

There is an abundance of men's skincare products on the market that contain harsh ingredients and fragrances, and as a result many men abandon their skincare routine if their skin reacts badly to certain products. 

In fact, TENZING was created because of our shared passion to develop high-quality men's skincare products made with honest and natural ingredients.

We were so humbled when Wendy Pence from Kelly's Thoughts on Things wrote that her husband, who had been unable to use most male skincare and fragrance products due to his sensitive skin, had such a wonderful experience using TENZING that she recommended our products as a great holiday gift for men.

We are thrilled to have made another happy customer in Wendy’s husband. You can ready Wendy's full review of our Adventure Pack here, which includes a pre-shave oil, premium shave cream and face moisturizer. The Adventure Pack is available in both Sage Mint and Sandalwood. Start using all-natural skin care products today!